A Guide to Plant Hire

Plant hire refers to hiring machinery, equipment, tools, and vehicles, usually for construction projects. Contractors, construction companies, and property owners can save money by hiring construction machines and equipment rather than purchasing them outright.


Plant hire companies maintain and care for the machines and equipment too. So even if you work on construction projects regularly, plant hires are still cheaper because you don’t have to transport or maintain anything. Instead, the plant hire company does all these tasks for you.


The most common examples of plant hires include:


·  Tracked Dumpers

·  Tracked Excavators

·  Midi Excavators

·  Mini Excavators

·  Micro Excavators

·  Dumpers

·  Rollers

·  Telescopic Handlers

·  Extra Attachments


Every construction project will usually need an excavator and dumper. The excavator can remove earth from the ground while the dumper can store, transport, and unload the soil as needed. These are all required tasks when building or renovating a property. However, you may also need a roller, telescopic handler, and additional attachment for the handler for more unique construction projects.


Rollers are machines that compact concrete, gravel, asphalt, or soil on ground surfaces. Telescopic handlers are like forklifts with a higher reach. You use handlers to lift and load heavy items at greater heights. Sometimes this may be necessary for your project, but not always.


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