Everything you need to know about telehandler hire

Telehandlers are like forklifts with a crane-like arm in the front. It still has the two lifting forks, but they are attached to the end of the arm for greater reach. Telehandlers come in different sizes, so you should pick the best one for your particular needs.


Construction sites have versatile work requirements, especially when moving and handling heavy loads. That is why you need to hire the right telehandler and attachments to accommodate the needs of your worksite.


The other crucial element to consider is the pricing of the telehandler hires. The price is usually determined by the size of the telehandler and its maximum lift weight and height capacities. And, of course, the other price factor is the length of time in which you hire the telehandler.


You can always get better deals on telehandlers if you hire them for longer periods, like a week or month. But if you’re only hiring a telehandler for one or two days, you would pay more on average. So make sure you know exactly how long you need the telehandler. Then you won’t have to hire it repeatedly throughout your project.


Bison Plant Hire can help you choose the best telehandler for your particular project. For instance, our JCB 535-140 14M Telescopic Handler is one of the most versatile telehandlers in the industry. It is suitable for most construction sites and warehouses where pallets and loads have to get moved from various heights and spaces.


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