Everything You Should Know About Telehandler Driver Hire

Telehandlers are like a cross between a forklift and a crane. These machines are used for lifting heavy materials and transporting them to various locations on a worksite. Since telehandlers have a much higher reach than forklifts, you’ll need telehandler drivers in worksite areas where the vertical distance is high.


Here are three reasons to hire a telehandler driver for your worksite.


1) Increase Worksite Productivity


Telehandlers make it fast and easy to transport heavy materials between high and low places on a worksite. Otherwise, a crane and forklift would take too long to use individually. Therefore, it is better to have a hybrid of both.


As a result, telehandlers can save you time and money by increasing worksite productivity.


2) CPCS-Qualified Operator


Telehandlers are sophisticated machines and require a knowledgeable operator to control them correctly. That is why every telehandler driver hire comes with a licensed and CPCS-qualified operator who has the proper training and qualifications, according to the Construction Plant Competence Scheme.


A qualified telehandler operator will come with your telehandler driver if you hire it from Bison Plant Hire. There is no extra charge for the operator.


3) Maintain a Safe Worksite


Telehandlers can be dangerous machines if not controlled correctly. So if you don’t want to risk anyone’s life on your worksite, you should hire a telehandler that comes with a CPCS-qualified operator.


Hire a Telehandler Driver


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