Groundworks – What Machinery Do You Need?

Most building development projects require groundwork first before the structure gets erected. Sub-surface preparation is vital to establish a strong and sturdy foundation for the rest of the building.


Groundworks require an initial investigation to determine the type of soil in the ground on the construction site. Next, any vegetation and debris on the surface will need to be cleared and removed from the worksite. Once that is done, excavations and other substruction preparations can begin.


Of course, you must have the proper construction site equipment and machines to do this work. Since you probably don’t want to purchase the equipment and machines outright, you will want to find the proper plant hires to do the groundwork.


The machinery we would recommend for groundwork tasks includes the following:


·  Tracked Excavators (w/ 360-degree capabilities)

·  Rollers

·  Dumpers


These are the three main plant hires you’ll need. However, you may need other machinery depending on the nature of your project. For instance, it’s not uncommon for our clients to request additional attachments like hydraulic breakers, hydraulic post drivers, hydraulic auger fitments, and fork attachments for the excavator machinery.


Excavators are machines used for digging and removing soil and earth from the ground. The dumpers are machines used for storing and transporting earth and waste. Then, when you need to level out the ground surface, you can use the rollers to do the job. 


Bison Plant Hire offers our clients plenty of plant hire options for all their groundwork needs. Contact us at 01285 862222 or email us at for more information on our best groundwork machinery.