How to Change an Excavator Bucket?

Excavator buckets must get changed periodically to prevent damage to the machine’s structure or shank. Either that or you may want to switch the bucket to a different one more suitable for your current excavation tasks.


Are you ready to begin changing the excavator bucket? The first step is to lower the bucket to the ground level, so you can easily access it. You’ll need to get behind the excavator’s dashboard controls to perform this action.


Find the safety pin on the pivot connecting the bucket to the excavator’s arm. Pull up the ring to slide out the safety pin. Now lift the arm to detach the bucket from the excavator. Again, use the dashboard controls to lift the arm.


Now you need to position the replacement bucket on the ground nearby. Make sure the bucket is on a flat, levelled surface to make this process as easy as possible. Next, align the excavator and arm with the bucket so that both face one another.


Move the excavator closer to the bucket until the arm is above it in a vertical position. You may need to maneuver the arm to get it in the perfect position above the pivot of the bucket.


Once you feel confident about the position, drop the arm until the end link is aligned with the bucket’s pivot. You’ll know it’s aligned when the link pinhole is aligned with the pivot pinhole. Now insert the safety pin through both pinholes to connect the arm and bucket together.


Raise the arm back up into the air, and the bucket should hover along with it.