Latest Efforts to Tackle Plant Machinery Theft

There has been an increase in plant machinery theft in recent years. An alarming number of thieves are trespassing onto construction sites and stealing machines left behind for the night. Contractors used to trust leaving their machinery on worksites because they didn’t think anyone would ever try to steal them. But unfortunately, we’re living in a new age where plant machinery theft is all too common.


The good news is that there are new efforts to tackle this trend in plant machinery theft.  Let’s discuss some of these efforts below.


ACE Police Unit


A special police unit called ACE “Agriculture and Construction Equipment” was recently established to combat the growing problem of plant machinery theft. It focuses more on organised crime associated with machinery theft.


The unit has partnered with various business and law enforcement agencies to track and recover stolen plant machinery. There is a coordination of intelligence to identify the thieves responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice.


Worksite Security Measures


All construction sites should have a high level of security. The best security measures include fencing around the worksites and smart surveillance video camera technology. The latter allows worksite supervisors to monitor their plant machinery from afar and notify law enforcement if they spot trespassers.


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