Machinery & Plant Hire – Top 5 FAQs

You may have questions about machinery and plant hires if it is your first time requesting them. Let us try to clear your confusion by answering the five most frequently asked questions about machinery and plant hires.


What size plant hire do I need for my project?


The size of the plant hire depends on the type of construction job that you need to get done.


For example, do you have a narrow or wide space to work in on the site? How much earth do you need to excavate, move, or store? The answers to these questions will go a long way in figuring out which size plant hires are needed for your project.


Do I have to pick up the machine myself?


No. Bison Plant Hire offers a machine and plant hire transportation service. Once you hire one of our machines, we can deliver them to your construction site within hours. The distance from our facility to your construction site will determine the transportation cost.


Will I receive complimentary machine operators with the hires?


Yes. Bison Plant Hire provides our clients with complimentary licenced machine operators who have received full CITB and CPCB accreditations.


Can I purchase insurance for the plant hire?


Plant insurance is the sole responsibility of the client. Of course, we can help you choose the appropriate insurance policy for the plant hire, especially if it is a short-term hire. Contact us at 01285 862222 or email us at for more information.


Do I have to pay for repairs if the plant hire gets accidentally damaged?


If something on your construction site inflicts damage upon the plant hire, you’ll be responsible for the repairs. We can provide you with more information about this when you call.