The Complete Guide to Earth-Moving Equipment and Determining What You Need on Your Site

Earth-moving equipment is always needed on a construction site. However, it can be challenging to decide on which earth-moving equipment is best suited for your site’s needs.


Let’s explore the two main pieces of earth-moving equipment on a construction site: Excavators and Dumpers.




If you have to build something on top of terrain, you must first dig into the landscape to install pipes, wires, foundations, etc. This work requires using excavators because they are designed to scoop heavy earth from the ground and move it safely out of the way.


The four main types of excavators are:


  •         Midi Excavators
  •         Mini Excavators
  •         Micro Excavators
  •         Tracked Excavators


The differences between these excavators have to do with their size and strength. For example, micro excavators are the smallest and narrowest, so they can dig in tight spaces. On the other hand, mini and midi excavators are slightly bigger, so they can remove and carry more earth. 


The tracked excavator uses tracks to travel on the ground rather than wheels and tires. It is the best equipped for traveling on rough terrain construction sites and digging the heaviest earth from the ground.




When all the earthly soil gets dug out of the ground on the construction site, the next step is to dump it somewhere safely out of the way.


Dumpers are made for lifting and transporting large amounts of soil because they have significantly larger buckets than excavators. First, you load as much soil as possible into the dumper buckets. Then, you drive the dumper to where you want to dump the soil and then dump it there.


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