Useful attachments for your plant machinery

Excavation projects require advanced digging equipment and a variety of attachments. After all, surfaces contain different levels of dryness, moisture, rock, sand, concrete, etc. So you’ll need the right attachments for your excavator machine if you’re going to break through these surfaces successfully.


Below are the top 4 most useful attachments for your plant machinery.


1) Hydraulic Breakers


A hydraulic breaker is useful for breaking apart solid materials, such as rock, concrete, and asphalt. You’ll often need hydraulic breakers for demolition projects and construction sites where big pieces of rock, concrete, and asphalt are on the ground.


2) Hydraulic Auger Excavator Fitment


Digging deep narrow holes in the ground is very common on construction sites. A hydraulic auger excavator fitment can dig deeper holes more quickly than a standard drill machine. It digs into the ground like a screw, allowing it to loosen soil and rock along the way. The auger flights range from 150 to 400mm.


3) Hydraulic Post Driver


When installing fencing posts into the ground, a hydraulic post driver is the best attachment for the job. It will forcefully install the posts into the ground to ensure they don’t become loose.


4) Fork Attachment


Fork attachments come in handy for converting your plant machinery into a forklift. So if you need to carry or reach loads at greater heights on a construction site, then a forklift attachment is best to handle the tasks.


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