Versatile dumpers for hire

Dumpers are important machines for workers who need to move around massive amounts of earth from one location to another on a worksite. Sometimes you may need more than one dumper on a worksite to accommodate different terrains and workspaces there.


For this reason, you’ll want to investigate versatile dumpers for hire and see which dumpers are best for your particular worksite. Remember that not all dumpers are the same. Some dumper models are better for narrow workspaces, while others are better to use on wide workspaces with more dirt to carry.


Let’s example some of the different dumpers for hire available at Bison Plant Hire:


HT1000 Petrol Track Dumper


The HT1000 is the most compact dumper available. The machine is only 750mm wide and features rubber tracks that allow it to maneuver over simple terrain and tight spaces quickly. There is even an electric start engine for environmental safety purposes. So if you care about minimal ground damage, you will want to hire the HT1000.


TEREX HD1000 Dumper


The TEREX HD1000 Dumper is 1,180 mm wide and 2,980 mm long. It weighs a total of 1,310 kilograms. This machine contains four massive wheels with roughly the same light hauling capacity as the HT1000 dumper. The difference is that this machine can move better on uneven and rough terrain.




The TA 3 SWIVEL SKIP Dumper is 1,960 mm wide and 3,952 mm long. It has a total weight of 2,340 kilograms. This machine has swivel capabilities and can haul more earth and waste than the HD1000.


TEREX TA6 Dumper


The TEREX TA6 Dumper is 2,375 mm wide, 4,252 mm long, and weighs 4,310 kilograms. It is the biggest dumper for hire at Bison Plant Hire. It can haul massive amounts of dirt over rough terrain quickly and efficiently.