What are the different types of excavators?

Excavators are heavy-duty machines that can pick up large quantities of earth from the ground and move it to a different location. They are basically like super digging machines suitable for digging trenches, holes, foundations, mines, etc. So if you need to dig anything at your construction site, you will need an excavator.


However, you can hire at least four different types of excavators. Their main differences are in terms of size and strength. Let’s examine these differences more closely.


1) Mini Excavators


Mini excavators are compact digging machines that can dig at least 5 feet into the ground and up to 20 feet. The weight of a mini excavator ranges from 2,000 pounds all the way up to 20,000 pounds.


So if you need to dig the earth in a narrow or confined environment, try the mini excavator. It is excellent for smaller construction projects like basements and swimming pools.


2) Micro Excavators


Micro excavators are some of the smallest and most compact digging machines you can hire. They are best suited for the simplest construction projects for things like hedges and fences. They can also fit into the tightest of spaces too.


3) Tracked Excavators


Tracked excavators have steel tracks instead of rubber tracks like the smaller machines. If you have to do construction on rough or uneven terrain, then a tracked excavator can move around best on it.


4) Midi Excavators


Midi excavators are like a combination of larger excavators and mini excavators. They are roughly the same size as mini excavators, but they have more digging strength and capacity. Midi excavators are suitable for building construction, landscaping, roads, and bridges.