Why You May Need to Hire a 6-tonne Dumper?

Dumpers are important machines on any worksite where you are excavating soil or waste materials. The purpose of a dumper is to transport heavy materials around a worksite, including loose materials like soil, concrete and debris. Every worksite usually has a designated area where the waste materials will get dumped.


There is no better machine for transporting and dumping waste materials than a dumper. However, you must ensure your dumper has the proper waste capacity to accommodate the size and quantity of the materials you plan to handle.


Dumpers range from 1-tonne to 10-tonne weight capacities. But most worksites are the most productive with a dumper somewhere in the middle, such as a 6-tonne dumper. This is because it offers a combination of strength and versatility that larger and smaller dumpers don’t possess.


Below are three benefits of hiring a 6-tonne dumper for your worksite project.


1) Largest Swivel Dumper


Many dumpers above 6-tonnes don’t have swivel capabilities. As for the 6-tonne dumper, it is one of the largest swivel dumpers available for hire. You can oscillate the machine between the front and back to make dumping materials easier.


2) Off-Road Tyres


The 6-tonne dumper has off-road tyres capable of navigating rugged terrain, such as environments with muddy, dirty, and uneven surfaces.


3) Legally Acceptable on Public Roads


If you need your dumper hire to travel on a public road, the 6-tonne dumper can travel on it legally. The 6-tonne dumper hire at Bison Plant Hire comes with a dumper operator with the proper license to operate a 6-tonne dumper on a public road.


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