5 Construction Technology Trends in 2021

Construction technology is evolving as fast as computer technology. In fact, a significant portion of the construction industry now depends on computer-related technological innovations for increased productivity. These innovations come in the form of new machinery, design software, hardware, and other interesting and creative gadgets.


Let’s break it down for you. Below are the top 5 construction technology trends in 2021.


1) 3D Construction Printers


Most people have heard of 3d printers by now. Consumer 3d printers let you manufacture small physical objects in the comfort of your home. However, there are also much bigger industrial-grade 3d printers that can manufacture building components and entire buildings. As a result, 3d construction reduces material waste and labor dependency on worksites.


2) Construction Robots


Construction work requires a lot of repetitive and physically demanding tasks to be completed. Now, there is an increase in construction robotic technology to simplify these tasks. Robotics has the potential to automate construction labor to boost productivity and reduce human labor dependency.


3) Prefabricated Buildings


Traditionally, a building gets constructed on the property where it will reside. But this tradition is changing because of the innovation associated with prefabrication. Contractors now have the technology to perform offsite construction for prefabricated buildings. This means the floors, walls, roof, and rooms can be made offsite and delivered to the construction site separately.


4) Building Information Modeling


Building information modelling software allows architects, engineers, and contractors to visualize the planned design of a building. Multiple stakeholders can share access to the same design and make the necessary changes for everyone to see. This reduces time and miscommunication on a building project.


5) VR Training


Virtual reality allows new construction workers to train for worksite safety without actually putting themselves in danger. These VR programs use artificial intelligence algorithms in order to predict potential hazards on a worksite. That way, the workers can prepare themselves for the proper safety measures to take.


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