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Rollers are common vehicles found on construction sites. They’re basically compactor vehicles that are designed to compact materials on the ground, such as asphalt, gravel, soil, concrete, dirt, and so on. The most common types of construction projects that require rollers are for foundations and roads. Homebuilders and local government agencies may want to hire rollers for these respective purposes.

Two other areas where rollers are used include agriculture and landfills. For instance, if you own several acres of farmland and you want to compact your fresh soil and fertiliser, then a roller would be a great way to do that. It’ll save you so much time and effort from having to do it manually.

When you come to Bison Plant Hire to hire rollers, you will find three different roller models to choose from. They include the BOMAG BW80, TEREX TV1200H-1, and HAMM HD12VVRT. The difference between the rollers pertains to their width and weight. The BOMAG BW80 has a width of 800mm and a weight of 1540kg. The TEREX TV1200H-1 has a width of 1200mm and a weight of 3122kg. The HAMM HD12VVRT has a width of 1200mm and a weight of 2695kg.

So, which roller is right for you? They all pretty much serve the same purpose. However, if the weight and width of the roller matters for your construction project, then you can consider these specifications before you hire a particular roller model. Some people prefer heavier rollers in order to have the most impact on their compacting abilities. In that case, the TEREX TV1200H-1 would be the most appropriate roller to hire.

Do you need help operating the roller? Even though the machine is easy to learn, you may not feel comfortable operating it alone. That is okay because we can supply you with a professional roller operator for an additional cost. Contact us for more information about that.

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