Mini Excavator Hire in Swindon, Wiltshire

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If you need small and simple excavators, then mini excavators are the best. They are the second smallest excavators available and weigh under 10,000 pounds. The typical mini excavator includes a dozer and rubber tracks, which are all you need to move around and dig into the ground.

Mini excavators are also the second narrowest excavators, which makes them perfect for fitting into the tightest of areas. A lot of public utility companies like to use mini excavators for performing various sewage, electrical and water tasks. If pipes need to be laid into the ground or underwater electrical cables, for instance, then mini excavators would probably get used.

Sometimes you might find homeowners hiring mini excavators for various home projects. Aside from installing an in-ground swimming pool, a mini excavator could be used to prepare the soil for a garden or plant trees in the backyard. The great thing about mini excavators is they don’t destroy the surrounding landscape like their bigger counterparts. That is another reason why mini excavators are so popular.

Bison Plant Hire offers mini excavators for hire, such as KUBOTA U17-3, KUBOTA U27-4, KUBOTA KX030-4, KUBOTA U30-3, and KUBOTA U48-4. Some mini excavators are under 1,000 millimetres in width, while others are around 1,500 millimetres wide. They’re truly multi-purpose machines that can tackle your typical residential or commercial project.

It may be worth the extra cost to hire someone if you only need to excavate for a short time period, and you are inexperienced and wish to work with a professional.

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