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Some of our machines, such as the telescopic handler, allow you to add attachments to them. Each type of attachment serves a particular purpose on a construction site. Attachments make it easier to perform several different tasks because you don’t have to hire individual vehicles to perform each task. Instead, you can just hire one vehicle and the attachments to go along with it.

Bison Plant Hire offers four attachments for hire, including hydraulic breakers, hydraulic auger excavator fitment, hydraulic post driver, and a fork. You may need one or more of these attachments, depending on the nature of your construction project. Breaker attachments, for instance, are what you would use to break concrete, stone, and other tough surfaces. This might be necessary if you’re tearing down an existing structure made of concrete or stone.

Hydraulic auger excavator fitment attachments are designed to drill deep holes into the earth. If you need to install a tree, post, or some other cylindrical object in the ground, then our hydraulic auger attachment will come in handy for that task. Then you can use the hydraulic post driver attachment to drive posts into the holes after you make them.

As for the fork attachment, it can be used to lift large pallets of cargo high up into the air. A lot of outdoor construction projects and exterior renovation sites require a fork attachment. If you need to lift your heavy cargo up to a greater height than a traditional forklift could reach, then the fork attachment is useful for this purpose.

Bison Plant Hire makes it easy to hire these attachments. If you need help attaching them to your telescopic handler or operating the machine with the attachment on it, then we have operators on standby waiting to assist our customers. Contact us to find out more information about this and our pricing.

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