5 Essential Pieces of Construction Equipment for Small Businesses

Small businesses involved in construction will need five essential pieces of construction equipment to sustain their productivity and operation. They are essential pieces your small business could easily hire from a reputable plant hiring company like Bison Plant Hire. That way, you do not have to spend enormous money purchasing equipment.


Here are the top five essential pieces of construction equipment for small businesses.


1) Tracked Dumpers


Dumpers and dump trucks can haul soil, dirt, materials, and debris to different locations on a construction site. Different dumper sizes are available based on the size of your construction site and the load amount you need to transport around.


Most dumpers have tracks to make moving around on uneven terrain surfaces quick and easy.


2) Tracked Excavators


Most construction sites require workers to remove earth and debris from the ground to install foundations, utilities, basements, etc.


Removing large amounts of soil and waste from the ground requires an excavator machine. Excavators are heavy digging machines that quickly dig large holes and clear debris and waste for construction.


Again, most excavators have tracks to simplify moving around on uneven terrain surfaces.


3) Bulldozer


You may need a bulldozer machine to clear or demolish a piece of property before construction begins. Bulldozers are heavy machines capable of moving anything in their path.


4) Rollers


Rollers are necessary on construction sites to compact and flatten ground materials, including sand, gravel, soil, pavement, etc.


5) Telescopic Handler


A telescopic handler is like a forklift with an arm. Its boom extension allows you to reach and lift heavy objects at elevated locations. You never know when you might have to do this on your construction site, especially when constructing a building with multiple storeys.