Daily Check List for your Plant Machinery

If you’re going to be a responsible plant machinery user, you need to create a daily checklist of visual inspections and function tests that you must perform. These actions are the best way to prevent unforeseen accidents and expensive repairs and maintenance.


Here is an overview of a daily checklist for plant machinery:


1) Pre-Start Checks


·  Make sure the engine is off on the plant machinery.

·  Check the battery to see if it has a sufficient charge and ensure the bracket terminals are clean and secured.

·  Check to ensure the fuel, oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, and coolant levels are sufficient.

·  Connect the necessary attachments, such as brooms or buckets.


2) Turning On the Plant Machinery


·  Check the hand controls to see if they function correctly.

·  The food pedals need to be clean and function correctly.

·  Verify there are no warning indicators on the control panel.

·  Test the lights to see if they work.

·  Test the parking brake to ensure it holds the machine securely.


3) Operating the Plant Machinery


·  Observe the steering function for any unusual difficulties or noises.

·  Test the hydraulic function of the machinery, such as the bucket, mechanical arm, etc.

·  Be prepared to recognize any potential functionality issues or symptoms of a pending issue.


Hire Plant Machinery


Bison Plant Hire maintains all the plant machine hires in our inventory. But when using a plant hire on a construction site, you must know how to inspect the machinery and recognize potential problems if they arise.


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