Daily Pre-Start And End-Of-Day Checklist For Your Excavator

Pre-Start Checklist

·   Inspect the cab air filter, especially, if operating in a dusty environment

·   Check the engine air filter and electrical box. Drain system if full.

·   Check the fluid levels of the engine, power steering, windshield and washer fluids. Do this using the gauges on the display or by checking the dipstick where applicable.

·   Inspect the hydraulic line for signs of leakage

·   Inspect all pipes, hoses and hydraulic connections for leaks or damage

·   Check for wet spots underneath the excavator that may indicate the presence of leaks.

·   Check coolers and radiators for clogging or other damage

·   Inspect the tyres for any debris and check for cuts or holes. Ensure PSI is at the right level and that the nuts and bolts on the rims are properly tightened.

·   Check the bucket linkage to remove any debris.

·   Turn on the main battery switch before entering the cab to prevent shock as you inspect the rest of the excavator.

End-of-Day Checklist

·   Fill up the fuel tank at the end of the day to reduce the problem of condensation occurring overnight.

·   Leave the digging equipment fully extended when parking the excavator. This will help safeguard the piston rods.

·   Idle the equipment for five minutes before shutting it down.

·   Disconnect the main battery switch to avoid having it become run down. If the excavator is being kept outdoors, this can also help deter theft.

·   During winter, be sure to clean up the undercarriage at the end of the day. Leaving it dirty could result in mud and other debris becoming frozen on the chain and requiring expensive repair work to fix the problem.