Everything you should know about telehandler driver hire

Telehandlers are machines designed to lift and transport heavy materials around a worksite or construction site. They are similar to forklift machines, except the telehandlers can lift and place materials within a much higher range. As a result, the telehandlers have a more versatile functionality because of their vast vertical reach.


If you know how to operate a telehandler machine properly, it can increase your work productivity and efficiency on a construction site. However, the average construction worker won’t have the necessary skills to operate a telehandler. If you wish to drive a telehandler on your worksite safely, you’ll need to hire a telehandler that includes a licenced driver.


Bison Plant Hire provides licenced telehandler drivers whenever you hire one of our telescopic handlers. There is no extra charge to receive a telehandler driver because one automatically comes with the plant hire. Then you won’t need to learn how to operate the telehandler on the job and risk endangering someone else’s life or property.


All our telehandler drivers are CPCS qualified, which means they’ve proven their training and qualifications in accordance with the Construction Plant Competence Scheme. Therefore, you can trust in the skills and experience of our telehandler drivers when hiring our telescopic handler machines. We offer a hassle-free telehandler hire service with drivers who’ll abide by your worksite standards and restrictions.


Would you like to know more information about our telehandler driver hires? Contact the customer support team of Bison Plant Hire at 01285 862222 to learn more details.