Have You Considered Dumper Hire?

Dumper machinery is a truck with a large tilting skip capable of carrying, transporting, and dumping bulk loads of materials on construction sites. These loads usually contain dirt, soil, rocks, and construction materials. The bottom of the dumper trucks can have either wheels or tracks, depending on what is better for the construction site.


Do you need a dumper hire for your construction project? Here are three advantages of choosing a dumper hire:


1) Easily Mobility on Rough Terrain


Dumper hires have extra traction and stability when moving on rough or slippery terrains. So whether you’re working in a rocky or rainy environment, a dumper hire will maintain mobility regardless of the outside conditions.


2) High Weight Capacity


Dumper hires have high weight capacities for carrying heavy loads around. For instance, the Terex TA6 has about a 6-tonne weight capacity. Since it can hold more weight, this reduces the number of trips you’ll need to make between loading and unloading the dumper machine on a construction site. Then you can achieve higher productivity.


3) Narrow Site


You don’t always need to choose the widest dumper hire models available. If you need to transport, load, or dump materials inside a narrow space, you can hire a narrower dumper like the HT1000 Petrol Track Dumper. Then it can fit in tighter spaces where the wider dumpers cannot.


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