How much dirt can an excavator move?

Several factors determine how much dirt an excavator can move. Here are the most common questions you’ll need to answer:


-        What type of soil is it?

-        How dense and moist is the soil?

-        What kind of excavator are you using?

-        How deep can it dig?

-        How many cubic metres is its bucket?

-        How far does the dirt have to be moved?

-        What is the terrain like on the excavation site?

-        Are there a lot of rocks and roots in the soil?


If you can answer all these questions, you should have a good indication as to how much dirt you can move with your particular excavator.


For example, if you have a mini excavator with a bucket capacity of under 0.5m3, it would likely be able to move more than 40 cubic yards of earth per hour. Of course, this is assuming the soil conditions are fair and that a trained person is operating the excavator.


At Bison Plant Hire, we recommend a tracked excavator for anyone who needs to move large quantities of dirt on rough terrain. Not only are tracked excavators much bigger digging machines, but they also have strong metal tracks to navigate the terrain without delay.


On the other hand, you may only need to move a small amount of dirt across a greater distance. In this case, we would recommend a smaller and more compact excavator like a micro or mini excavator. If the terrain is even and normal, a smaller excavator will move a lot faster when transporting dirt from Point A to Point B.