How to Stay Compliant When Hiring Plant Machinery

When you hire plant machinery in the United Kingdom, all parties have different responsibilities in the deal. For instance, the suppliers must provide safe and functional machinery to the clients who hire it. The machines can be second-hand or first-hand machinery, but the suppliers are responsible for performing maintenance duties on them.


The United Kingdom has set compliance standards regarding safety which plant machinery hire companies must follow. However, the people or companies hiring the plant machinery must also comply with specific government standards and regulations too. Many of these standards pertain to the safety of the operators running the machinery.


Section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 has more information on this. Basically, the responsibilities are as follows:


·  Maintain the work equipment and machinery while it is in your possession

·  Inspect the machinery to ensure it has not been damaged or deteriorated during your use.

·  Ensure all safety labels are displayed and all safety procedures are followed during the machinery’s operation.

·  Operators must be licenced to operate the machinery


The good news is that many plant machine hires companies will provide you with a licenced operator when hiring machines like dumpers and excavators. The licenced operator will know how to keep you in compliance with the law because they understand how to maintain health and safety on a construction site.


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