Roller Vs Hacker Which One Is Right For You?

A garden roller is a heavy cylinder attached to an axle. It can be pushed by hand or pulled behind a garden tractor. This machine is used to smoothen or level uneven topsoil. It is also used after seeding topsoil to help ensure the seed comes in good contact with the soil and encourages the germination process.

A hacker is a gardening tool used to dig up the soil, allowing it to become more aerated. It is often used when landscaping to help encourage nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. It also makes shifting soil easier when planting, weeding and more. It is a simple but effective and durable gardening tool.

Both the roller and hacker are commonplace tools used by small-scale gardeners and landscapers. They can often be used for the same project. More so when it comes to activities such as levelling ground and planting new turf.

The hacker is used for small garden spaces where it is not viable to bring in such heavy machinery as a backhoe or excavator. It can be used to help loosen up the topsoil before more is added to help level out the area. a roller is used after spreading new topsoil to help tamp down the earth.

Garden hackers and rollers are typically manual tools. However, you can easily hire motorised rollers, though such heavy-duty variations are mainly used for construction and road building.

Both rollers and hackers can be used for a wide variety of gardening projects and serve different purposes. Chances are you may already have a hacker or similar implement in your gardening shed but may want to hire a roller as it is more heavy-duty and takes up more space.