Safety First: Best Practices for Operating Heavy Machinery in Wiltshire

31 October 2023

Are you planning to operate heavy machinery in Wiltshire? If so, consider all the operational safety practices and procedures first to reduce the risk of accidental injuries and property damage.


Here are the top three best practices to consider for operating heavy machinery in Wiltshire.

1) Assess the Area

Heavy machinery operators must familiarise themselves with the people and objects around their immediate environment. That way, they can assess the risk factors and plan how to safely operate the heavy machinery on the construction site.

Also, check your blind spots when operating heavy machinery because some construction workers or trespassers may try to sneak around them.


2) Inspect the Heavy Machinery

Conduct a thorough inspection of the heavy machinery before using it. Look for signs of wear & tear or damage to any of its components. Check the fluid levels to ensure they are at normal levels.

If you see leaks or loose components, you must fix them before operating the machinery. Otherwise, you could damage the machinery or risk injuring a person.


3) Post Warning Signs

Try to warn people on your construction site about the dangers of being there.

For instance, post signs on the worksite warning people about “Heavy machinery in use: Stay out due to risk of harm. Authorised workers only.” Something like this might stop trespassers from accidentally injuring themselves as you operate the heavy machinery.

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