Sustainable Construction: Eco-Friendly Plant Hire Options in Wiltshire

31 October 2023

Are you looking for eco-friendly plant hire options in Wiltshire? Many plant hire companies now offer equipment with eco-friendly innovations and technologies incorporated into them. The purpose is to reduce environmental impact and increase work and energy efficiency.


Here are the top three eco-friendly plant hire options in Wiltshire

1) Hybrid Plant Hire Machines 

More plant hire companies in Wiltshire are offering hybrid plant hire machinery. Hybrid means the plant hire machinery uses hydraulic and electrical energy to perform its functions. 

Hybrid plant hire machines have been found to reduce emissions without affecting work performance. So, you should rent hybrid plant equipment if you see it available in Wiltshire. 


2) Telematics

The latest plant hire options come with telematics systems installed. These systems allow construction worksite managers to monitor and track all their plant hire equipment in real-time.

The eco-friendly benefit here is that you can reduce downtime and ensure your workers only use the equipment when needed. 


3) Robotics and AI 

Robotics and artificial intelligence are making their way into plant hire equipment in Wiltshire. These intelligent systems automate much of the repetitive, time-consuming work on construction sites to increase accuracy and productivity. It will also take more stress off human workers when operating the machinery.


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