The beginner’s guide to excavator hire

Excavators are commonly used on construction sites when workers dig deep into the earth and remove soil for developing buildings, renovating properties, or for archeological purposes.


There are several different kinds of excavators designed to accommodate the sizes of various construction projects. The main types of excavators are as follows:


-        Micro Excavators

-        Mini Excavators

-        Midi Excavators

-        Tracked Excavators


The excavator you hire will depend on the size of your construction project. For example, if you need to remove soil in your home’s garden to install an inground swimming pool, you wouldn’t need a large tracked excavator. Instead, you should hire a mini excavator because it is the perfect size for smaller residential projects. You’ll also save more money on the price as well.


The worksite dimensions play a critical role in choosing the right excavator. For example, let’s say you have to dig inside of tiny or narrow spaces. The best option would be to hire a micro excavator in these situations because they are the smallest digging machines available. They can fit into just about any tiny space on a construction site where bigger excavators cannot.


If you hire an excavator from a reputable and professional plant hire company, they will provide you with a licenced operator to run the machine on your construction site. That way, you don’t have to acquire any special training to use the machine if you don’t possess it already. Then you have total confidence in maintaining the safety and security of your construction site.  


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