The benefits of micro dumper hire

A micro dumper is a much smaller dumper machine than your typical dumper. If you’re looking to hire a dumper for your construction project, you should consider whether a micro dumper is more suitable for the work involved.


Below are the top three benefits of micro dumper hires.


1) Tracked


Micro dumpers have tracks to move and maneuver over all sorts of terrain easily and quickly. In addition, you won’t usually have to worry about getting stuck on rocky or muddy terrain because the machine is lightweight, and the tracks give you more traction on uneven surfaces.


2) Fits Through Narrow Spaces


The problem with traditional dumpers is that they’re too big to fit through narrow spaces. On the other hand, micro dumpers are smaller and narrower machines capable of fitting through doorways, alleyways, and holes in the ground.


3) Less Noise and Pollution


When you activate a bigger dumper machine, it releases a cloud of emissions in the air every couple of seconds. Not only that, but they are quite noisy and disturbing to people around the construction site.


The great thing about using micro dumpers is that they produce less noise and pollution. So if you don’t need to carry and dump too much soil, you have another good reason to hire a micro dumper.




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