The Different Excavator Sizes We Stock (and how to use them)

An excavator is a large construction vehicle designed to dig out massive amounts of dirt and soil from the ground. Contractors typically use excavators to dig trenches and holes, excavate mines and remove waste.


Bison Plant Hire offers at least four different types of excavators. Each one is suitable for different types of construction projects. Let’s examine these excavators below.


1) Tracked Excavator


The tracked excavator uses steel tracks to move around rather than wheels. The tracks offer the machine more grip and resistance on the slippery or uneven surface underneath it.


We have three different models available: JCB 140 X, JCB JS130 Plus, and Case CX130 C. Any of these models are suitable for soft and hilly surfaces made up of sand or dirt. Large construction sites are the best place to use tracked excavators.


2) Midi Excavator


Midi excavators are designed for working in narrow or tight spaces. It is a mid-size compact excavator that has more manoeuvrability because of its reduced size. These excavators are best used for landscaping, residential projects, and small building projects.


We have four models available: KUBOTA U48-4, KUBOTA U55-4, KUBOTA U56, and KUBOTA KX080-4. They can handle between 6 to 10 tons of weight.


3) Mini Excavator


Mini excavators are even smaller excavators capable of moving under 6 tons of weight. Their compact size makes them suitable for indoor construction projects, such as sewer repairs and plumbing. 


Our models include KUBOTA U17-3, KUBOTA U27-4, and KUBOTA KX030-4.


4) Micro Excavator


Micro excavators are the smallest excavators of the entire group. They are ultra-compact, allowing you to work in the narrowest of spaces.


Our models include KUBOTA U-10 and TAKEUCHI TB210R.