The Latest Plant Hire Equipment and Trends

Are you curious about the newest and trendiest plant hire equipment used on construction sites and worksites across the United Kingdom? You’d be amazed to learn what plant-hire equipment contractors and construction workers use nationwide.


Here are the latest plant hire equipment pieces and trends for your consideration.


1) Tracked Excavators and Dumpers

Construction sites are complex for large plant equipment and machinery to navigate because of the uneven and rugged terrain. Popular machines like excavators and dumpers cannot move well over rough terrain with wheels underneath them.

That is why more construction companies hire excavators and dumpers with steel tracks underneath them. Steel tracks make it easy for massive heavy machines to move over terrain with dirt, soil, debris, and waste elements covering it.


2) Trend in Online Plant Hire Sales

Traditionally, a business owner would visit the physical site of a plant hire company to inquire about their equipment and hire it. Now more business owners and contractors are using the internet to inquire about and hire plant equipment online. This saves them time and money and increases their time management and productivity. 


3) Telescopic Handler

The telescopic handler is a more sophisticated version of a forklift because it uses boom extension technology to control a mechanical arm and have it reach for heavy objects in high places. Once the arm extends and reaches an elevated object, it can grab and bring it to the ground gently and safely.


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