The race for carbon reduction

The UK government has developed a net-zero carbon strategy to reduce and eventually eliminate the country’s production of carbon emissions. The ultimate goal of the UK is to stop contributing to the global climate change problem by achieving net-zero carbon emissions nationwide by the year 2050.


The net-zero strategy is a comprehensive plan to regulate the sale and consumption of fossil fuels and carbon technologies amongst British consumers and businesses. The overall goal is for all consumers and businesses to transition away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy and clean energy technology. It obviously won’t be a fast transition, which is why the goal year for net-zero carbon emissions is 2050.


The UK government is already investing billions of pounds in sustainable clean energy and green industries. They want to have over 400,000 good-paying jobs created in green industries by 2030. All they need is for British businesses to start supporting the carbon reduction initiative by doing their part.


For instance, if you use air conditioners or furnaces in your business or home, the government will incentivize you to use an energy-efficient alternative like heat pumps. And, of course, rather than driving vehicles with petrol engines, you can be rewarded if you start driving electric cars instead.


Bison Plant Hire has already started to comply with the UK government’s net-zero carbon strategy. Many of our plant hires use electric starter motors and technology designed to reduce carbon emissions, such as the three vortex combustion system found in some of our plant engines.


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