Tips for Effective Maintenance and Care for Rented Plant Equipment

Rented plant equipment requires regular maintenance to remain fully functional for construction projects. Without regular maintenance, the rented plant equipment will have a greater chance of malfunctioning on the job and reducing worksite productivity for the customer.


Below are three critical tips for effectively maintaining and caring for rented plant equipment.


1) Clean the Equipment


The simple act of cleaning rented plant equipment can help prevent engine failure from grime and dirt buildup. Since cleaning removes grime and dirt from the plant equipment, there will be less chance of engine failure.


2) Perform Regular Inspections of the Equipment


Rented plant equipment incurs a lot of stress and wear and tear from performing various tasks on construction sites. That is why it is imperative to regularly inspect the equipment to see if any parts are worn out or damaged.


Inspect everything from the hydraulic hoses to the buckets to ensure the equipment is fully functional for the next construction job.


3) Add Lubricant When Needed


Plant equipment needs lubrication the same way gasoline car engines do to prevent fast-moving parts from rubbing together and creating hot friction.


Check the lubricant levels of the plant equipment and add lubrication fluid to it as needed. Always keep the lubrication levels normal.


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