What are the different types of drill and what is right for my project?

Different construction and excavation projects require various drill attachments and machinery based on the tasks needed. These excavation tools can typically drill through the soil, dirt, rocks, rubble, wood, and other rough materials on the ground. It all depends on which drill unit is attached to the shaft of the excavation machinery.


Let’s explore the different types of drills below:


Auger Drills


Auger drills are rotary or spiral-shaped drills that push through soft ground and remove earth and surface materials up to three feet deep. Most construction projects will need auger drills to drill holes in the ground for planting trees, building foundations, and installing fences and poles. Auger drills are for shorter drilling, not deep drilling.


Percussive Drills


Percussive drills are intended for drilling and digging deeper into the ground. They are used when digging wells or breaking through hard materials deep in the soil. You may also see them used to dig deep holes for installing foundation piles. 




Breakers are necessary for drilling and breaking up solid materials on the surface, such as rocks, boulders, concrete, wood, etc.


Demolition projects often require hydraulic breakers to reduce rubble size before hauling it away from the site. But you may also have a situation where solid materials have been left on a property and need to be broken up and removed before building something new.

Hire a Drill or Excavator


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