What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is another name for a telescopic handler. It is a versatile machine used in warehouses and construction sites for moving and handling heavy materials and loads. Try to imagine a forklift with the arm of a crane for better reach. It lets you lift and move heavy loads from greater heights, whereas a traditional forklift forces you to remain at ground level.


In addition, you can use several different attachments with a telehandler to help you lift and move various types of loads and objects. For instance, if you need to move a pallet of heavy items inside a warehouse, you could attach a pallet fork to the end of the telehandler. That way, it would be easier for the telehandler to lift the pallet safely and securely.


Of course, forklifts have valuable purposes too. They can still lift heavy loads and lift them vertically. However, a telehandler can lift heavy items vertically or horizontally with much greater reach. It also has better precision when moving over uneven or rough terrain. So if you’re working outdoors on a construction site, a telehandler would be much better to use than a forklift.


There is no limit to how much you can adapt a telehandler to accommodate different load shapes and sizes. Construction sites and warehouses may require you to work with all kinds of loads, so it is better to have a telehandler available in case you need it. But you don’t need to purchase a telehandler. Instead, you can save money by hiring a telehandler whenever necessary.


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