What is the Difference Between Diggers and Excavators?

Diggers and excavators are similar construction machines because they both involve digging out soil from the ground. You might use these machines to remove earth and make room for foundations, trenches, and holes on a surface.


Sometimes diggers are called excavators and vice versa. It can be confusing to a layperson because they might think these are the same machines. However, there is a slight difference between diggers and excavators.


An excavator is a digging machine that is capable of rotating at 360 degrees. This makes it very useful if it needs to dig oil with its bucket and then dump it someplace directly behind it. You’ve probably seen these machines on construction sites before because they are quite popular.


As for diggers, they are only capable of rotating about 200 degrees to the left or right. They are also smaller machines used for lighter construction projects requiring less digging. Excavators are more suitable for major construction projects where massive amounts of soil have to get moved around.


The two machines look slightly different too. Excavators have a long arm with a bucket at the end, whereas diggers have a wide bucket directly attached to the vehicle. You can get a lot more power and force from the diggers but less manoeuvrability than with excavators.


The choice between the two digging machines depends on the type of construction project. Bison Plant Hire can help you make the best choice when you look to hire one of the digging machines from our inventory.