What To Consider When Hiring A Roller

Rollers are used to compact soil for various reasons. It could be to help in levelling uneven soil or compressing earth in preparation for some type of construction. This heavy-duty machinery is highly efficient, enabling such work to be completed in just a few passes. It features a large drum whose weight is used to pack down the earth and may have a vibratory mechanism that delivers shockwaves into the ground for faster compaction.

There are different types of rollers in terms of size and how they pack the soil. When choosing a roller, it is important to consider the space of the work site. This will influence what size of roller you hire. There should be enough space for good manoeuvrability.

The type of earth you are working on will also matter. Some machines are best for areas with more granular soils, while others are ideal where there is cohesive soil. Granular soil can benefit from the use of vibrations while cohesive soils need more impactful force.

Static rollers use their weight to compress the soil. Impactful rollers have rectangle, triangle and pentagon-shaped pads that push into the soil with impactful force. Vibratory rollers generate vibrations that break up soil clumps, causing the particles to fall in closer together.

Your choice of roller should depend on what kind of soil you are working on and which type of roller would be most effective at achieving your goal.

Be sure to consult with the vendor you are hiring your equipment from. Choose a vendor that offers a variety of options with different sizes and specifications. This will give you more leeway in identifying a roller that is best suited to your project.