Why is on-site safety so important?

Construction sites and worksites are prone to causing many accidental injuries amongst workers and guests. In fact, approximately 3% of all British construction workers have suffered a work-related injury of some kind. That might not seem like a high percentage, but it actually represents thousands of workers.


On-site safety is essential because many common accidents on worksites are avoidable. You need to take the necessary safety precautions to reduce the risk of accidents for you and your workers. One of the ways you can reduce accidents is by ensuring that skilled people are operating heavy machinery.


For example, construction supervisors have a nasty habit of using unskilled workers to operate sophisticated machinery on-site. The problem here is that it increases the risk of someone getting injured or property getting damaged. You cannot put a novice behind the dashboard of an excavator, digger, roller, or dumper and expect no accidents.


So if you want to avoid accidents and injuries on-site, you should only allow operators with full CITB and CPCS accreditation. These credentials ensure they have undergone the necessary training and experience to operate construction machinery safely. Fortunately, you can receive a licenced and qualified operator if you hire your machinery from a reputable company like Bison Plant Hire.


In addition, it would also help to post up safety signs and directional information throughout the worksite. That way, workers and guests can understand where the dangers are located and take the necessary precautions when needed. These kinds of safety measures maintain the health and wellness of everyone who steps onto a worksite. That is why they are important.