Your Guide to Heavy Plant Hire

Heavy plant machinery is any machinery that can perform heavy-duty tasks, particularly construction tasks involving the digging or moving of soil and objects. The term “heavy plant” doesn’t necessarily mean the weight of the machine itself, although some machines are certainly heavier than others.


Bison Plant Hire offers a full range of heavy plant hire options to private and commercial customers. These heavy plant machines include:


-        Tracked Excavators

-        Midi Excavators

-        Mini Excavators

-        Micro Excavators

-        Rollers

-        Dumpers

-        Tracked Dumpers

-        Telescopic Handlers


It is more cost-effective to hire heavy plant machinery than to purchase it because you don’t have to worry about maintaining the machines when they’re not in use. Instead, you can pay a low price to hire the machines when you need them and then give them back when you are done.


Hiring heavy plant machinery gives you the freedom to pick and choose which machines you need for your particular construction tasks and the terrain on the site. For example, we have heavy plant machines capable of digging, moving, and dumping earth from the ground. There are also different variations of these machines suitable for rougher and more uneven terrain.


Fortunately, you don’t have to make a choice alone. The staff members of Bison Plant Hire can assist you in choosing and hiring the very best heavy plant machinery for your construction site. Not only that, but we can supply you with a licenced and experienced operator to control the machinery for you.


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